“A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart”


The other day, a neighbor gave me a plaque that had the above quote on it. It’s beautiful.

But even more beautiful is the meaning behind it.

This meaning is different for each of us as we all have…




This caused me to reflect upon the reasons why this quote is beautiful to me.

I have friends literally all over the globe. I have best friends that I could only easily get to by a plane, but…


The reason for this is not the easy access of Facebook (though this is great). It is not the access to smart phones.

It is…Exactly what this quote means.

They touched my heart so deeply that I can’t help but remain friends.. despite the distance. When I say we talk consistently, this does not mean on a daily or weekly basis. This means we keep up with each other and, when we do talk, it’s as if we never left.

It’s hard to find a true friend. I have had very few throughout the course of my life and haven’t always held on to the ones I had very well, but in my little experience, I can say there are 3 qualities that define a friend like this:

1. They think of you more than themselves (I haven’t always been a true friend to my true friends)

2. When you need them, they will drop what they’re doing (no questions asked)

3. They know what you need and have already done it for you before you have even mentioned it.

I am so grateful for my true friendship. I only pray that I can be a better true friend to others.


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