Crockpot Meals and Saving Time

As I was running around the house during Gabe’s morning nap trying to clean with Cale, remember which students I need to contact, think about my pile of laundry needing folding, and about how I currently don’t have a vehicle to go anywhere because Michael’s truck is broken down and he is using our amazingly awesome Toyota Sienna, which is perfect….


it hit me….

I am planning to bring a meal to church tomorrow for a lady who had surgery on Thursday…

and…. I don’t have a plan for it.

I absolutely LOVE doing this and really enjoy providing women with a meal that will help them greatly in their time of need and…. I LOVED when the women in our church, and even outside of it, stepped up and did the same for me when Gabe was born. East Bridge Church is GREAT at this and our ladies really get the meaning of doing life together and sharing each others’ burdens. I am proud of our young church for taking care of people so well.

Ok rabbit trail….

Anyways, I thought I’d share my secret for making great meals on a busy schedule…wait for it…


Oh yes, I love this beautiful tool and use it regularly. I have offered this advice to many pregnant friends, new moms, full time workers, etc. And the best way to find recipes for the crockpot??

This site:

These women are AMAZING! And if you join and get a username and password, you can even save your favorite recipes and share with others. Here are my favorites to get you started.

Chicken and Black Beans

Stacked Enchilada Dinner

Squash Casserole (I’ve done it with Zucchini too)

Crockin Lasagna

Crockin’ Lasagna

Chicken & Dumplings

Taco Stew

Chicken Tacos

You can even make BBQ Chicken by just putting frozen chicken breasts and BBQ sauce in the Crockpot for like 6 hours. Delish!

Hope you have a great Saturday!!!


Reflections on Being a Mommy of 2 under 2

I recently saw a blog post about a mommy who had 3 under 3 (her oldest was 27 months old when her 3rd was born) and it got me thinking. I would NEVER EVER change a thing about having my two 14 months apart. People told me over and over again that I’d have my hands full and boy, did I think I would! I also wondered how I’d ever handle working while doing this. For those that don’t know, I teach online counseling courses for a university and I can do this.. from home… While my boys nap 🙂 It’s a great set up for our family, especially as we are planting a church and need me to work to help cover finances, but I am adamant about staying home with my boys. I really get the best of both worlds.. and for this… I am VERY grateful.

Well, July 24th, 2012 (the birthday of our second son: Gabriel John and his due date by the way) came very quickly from the time I held that pregnancy test on December 6th, 2011… In utter shock..

Sure, there have been bumps and bruises over the past 9 months as I learn a:

… completely

… different…


But, he has been the greatest blessing and my two little boys and their daddy are my world! I wouldn’t change a thing about the timing

.. At.. All.

The best thing about my two little boys being 14 months and 8 days apart?

1. They are already best friends

2. Neither was jealous of the other because they didn’t remember any different

3. They’re growing up together

I finish writing this post as they both wake up from their nap and giggle and wrestle TOGETHER while they both ride their “Scoot n zoom” …… TOGETHER…..


This is the key, I believe.. Everything they do is together so they are learning vital life skills just by doing life together.

And what have I learned as their mom?

1. God’s timing really is perfect

2. No child is the same and God gives you certain kids to teach you to rely on Him more and that you don’t know everything 😉

3. Life is way more fun with 2 little ones

4. You CAN love two babies both the same and differently

Overall, I’d say these past 9 months have been a blessed road and I’m looking forward to continuing the ride.

So, to the moms out there who are too scared of this idea, from my experience, I say go for it! You won’t regret it.