Planning a 2nd Birthday for my Little Man… How is this possible?

As I sit here at my computer taking a break from grading, I look out the back door to my almost 2 year old waving at me while yelling “Hey Mommy!” with his sweet little 1 year old (for 9 more days!!!) voice 😉 I realize he will never again be 1 and I am cherishing these last few days even more because of this…


Where has my baby gone? 

He’s been replaced by this running, jumping, dancing, singing little boy who speaks in 4 word sentences…


I am not generally a super sappy person, but looking back at old pictures has been known to make me tear up a little 😉 but with that, let me just say that…


I LOVE watching both of them grow and seeing them change into their own little people who have relationships with friends and personalities that’ll make you crack up!

Anyways, now that I’ve gotten the “sappy” part out of the way, let me tell you about some of my plans for Cale’s 2nd birthday!

Because Gabe turns 1 just two months after Cale turns 2, we couldn’t afford to have a big “to-do” party for both and, since Cale had one for his first birthday, we decided we would let Gabe have this one.


So, since Cale is such an animal lover, we’re taking a little trip to a local farm in our area. I spoke to the farmer on the phone and he said that he’ll even be able to bottle feed the baby calf! We’ve either told or are telling a few friends and family about it in case they’d also like to join us, but we’re keeping it pretty small.

We’ll make a morning of it and I’ll bring some cupcakes or a cake and a few snacks/appetizers as the farm has some picnic tables and benches that we can use. 

I’m so ready to let Cale experience the farm especially since the petting zoo at the State Fair in the fall was such a hit with him!

Have a great Tuesday!


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