In Honor of Nurses and Teachers

As it is both Nurses Appreciation Week and Teachers Appreciation week, I’d just like to take a minute to say thank you! 

Thank you for sacrificially giving of yourselves to people you don’t even know or that aren’t family or friends…

Thank you for giving of yourself physically, mentally, and yes, especially emotionally..

Thank you for doing work that many would consider themselves too good for…

… Every day of your life.

Thank you for giving small pieces of your life, especially your heart and mind, to someone else’s..

… Child

… Parent

… Grandparent

… Sibling

Thank you for doing all of this while not receiving the…

Praise… you deserve.


I had a friend that was a labor and delivery nurse and she told me about how she cried with couple when they lost a baby and will never forget the time a couple did not want to see their dying baby so she held her during her last few minutes. That’s love right there…

… Loving someone else’s baby so deeply.

And this story has been echoed by numerous other stories of nurses over the course of my life.

To the nurses: for your sacrifice, commitment, and compassion, I say thank you.


I also had a kindergarten teacher who taught me what it means to obey, to treat others with respect, and that learning can be fun. She invested in me even outside of the classroom by going to the ballet (my favorite activity) with my mom and me. She also shared her Christian faith so boldly with her words and… her actions! My mom taught me for a good portion of my educational career and she invested her life into watching my mind grow. I credit her teaching for my ability to learn, my hard work ethic, and my commitment to seeing my goals come to fruition. In college, I had a professor who expected great success out of us and taught us the importance of living up to these expectations. She also got to know me on a personal level and even made a quilt as a wedding gift to my husband and me. 

To the teachers: For your investment, determination, and love, I say thank you.


These 2 types of people have touched our lives in more ways than we can imagine and let’s just take the time to tell the nurses and teachers in our lives, thank you!


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