Dear Mom Who Lost a Baby Without Another to Hold

Dear Mom Who Lost a Baby Without Another to Hold,

I know you, I was you, I love you, I’m here to talk, It will get better..

I know the thoughts you are having. I know the pain you are hiding.

I know you just want to crawl into bed and never see another mom with a baby…

.. Hear about another friend getting pregnant…

.. Go to another baby dedication..

.. Make another meal for a mom whose going through one of the happiest moments of her life..

… While you need the meal brought to you because you can’t crawl out of bed.

I know you get frustrated when a mom who has had a miscarriage after a successful pregnancy or 2 or 3 says “I understand”

“No… you really don’t”

“You, mom who have had a child before, can go home and hold your baby or babies and know in your heart that you have had one before and will probably be able to again”

“You will never feel the extent of the raw and deep pain of losing a life and not having another life to hold. I realize it is hard for you, and I do feel for you and cry for you, but you…

.. Don’t..

.. Fully..

.. Understand..”

Dear mom who lost a baby without another to hold,

You are in my prayers, I want to share the pain with you. Do not hold it back. Talk to another mom who has lost a baby with her first. This is the only thing that got me through.

Know that it is ok to cry.. to weep.. to scream..

Know that you can go through another pregnancy without trembling with fear every time you go for an ultrasound or appointment… though it won’t be that way right away.

Know that you can rejoice with family and friends when you share news of your next pregnancy.

Know that God loves you and that precious little baby is in heaven with Him and safe and protected..

Know that you ARE a mom, despite what others tell you..

Know that you can love again..

But most importantly, know that you are so loved and some people do care about that little life that you took care of for however long it might have been.

You gave that little person all that you could… You are a…



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