What’s in a second birthday?

My mind can’t even fathom the fact that 3 years ago on this day, I was a few weeks away from going in for my uterine surgery on a septum that was a result of a birth defect and gave me a 90% chance of miscarriage every time I’d get pregnant. And now, 3 years later, I have this sweet little toddler who we love to tell that his sibling before him gave of his or her life so he could be here today, even if he doesn’t quite get it yet. I love this little boy more than words can say, and I have the scars and the past to make me even more appreciative of the present.


To celebrate, I’ll walk into this little boy’s room in the early morning and put balloons all over his floor for him to wake up to. I’ll then surprise him with a few of his favorites (a juice box, fruit, and the chance to watch Choo Choos~Thomas the tank engine~ or Money~ Curious George~). We’ll go out and blow bubbles then go pick up chick fil a and take it to his daddy at work for breakfast. After that, we plan to go to the park before naps. On Saturday, we’ll have his little get-together at the park and I’ll update you on that afterward 🙂

I want to take every moment to celebrate his life, not just on his birthday, because I am so grateful that he was entrusted to me and that I have this beautiful opportunity to teach him about the beauty in this world! How fun is that when you really think about it? You never see the world the same way as you see it through a child’s eyes.


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