Top 10 Products Needed for a Newborn to 1 Year Old (from my perspective ;)

Alright moms…

… Here’s the post I’ve been working on for a little while.

I plan to review each of these individually over the next few weeks to give you a better idea of why each item has been so important to me, but here’s the list.

1. Aden and Anais blanket

2. Moby Wrap

3. Baby Bjorn Bib

4. Pack n Play

5. Magic Bullet for Making Baby Food

6. Exersaucer or jumperoo

7. Jogging stroller with swivel wheel (especially if you walk outside frequently)

8. Sleep sack/swaddler

9. Robeez or ministar shoes

10. Portable high chair/booster

These have had a vital part of my babies’ first year of life and I am grateful for the invention of them… I only wish I was smart enough to invent some of these things 😉

Stay tuned for the reviews of each product! And there may or may not be a giveaway of one of these products 😉

Happy Wednesday!


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