Aden & Anais Blanket Review

I want to thank everyone for their amazing response to my last post! It means a lot and I’m glad to hear I could be of encouragement to a lot of moms! Thank you!

Now, today, I’m going to begin my review of one of the items on my top 10 items needed for a new baby: the Aden and Anais blankets!

When I was pregnant with Cale, we were in a Bradley Method class and all of the moms have kept in great contact since and have had several play dates together. When we started having play dates with our very new babies, most of the moms had the Aden and Anais blankets and I fell in love with them then, but with the almost $40 price tag, I did without them. When I found out I was pregnant with Gabe, they were the first things I put on my registry. I can honestly say now, they are so so worth the price. And this is coming from a very thrifty mom, as many of you know.

Here are the best qualities they offer:

1. It’s a muslin material so it’s lightweight and breathable. Perfect for the summer and also makes me less nervous about the whole SIDS issue.

2. It’s perfect for nursing! I used to use a nursing cover with Cale, but they never covered me the way I wanted them to and, because these are sooo big, it covers,but is light enough to not annoy the baby.

3. It’s also great for swaddling. Because of their size and the lightweight material, they wrap around the baby well and are easy for a first time mom to learn with. Because of the size of them, it’s harder for the baby to get out of the swaddle.

4. They make great stroller and car seat covers! The other day Gabe fell asleep in his stroller and I used it to block out the light and action around us. I’ve seen so many moms use these to cover car seats with less fear of issues with the baby pulling the blanket over his face because of the material of the blanket and the large size, it makes it harder to do.

5. They work as a spit up cloth because they are easily washable and the stains are easily removed (I use Shout).

6. They have the cutest designs! They make some specific to boys or girls and gender neutral ones.

7. They come with 4 in a pack. I didn’t need this many so I gifted some of mine out to friends when they had babies and I found a Pinterest idea in which you tie the blanket around diapers to make a cute baby shower gift.


Needless to say, I love these blankets and HIGHLY recommend them to all moms of babies! Enjoy!

Happy Monday!


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