Week 35 Update

I’ll add my new belly photo later, but for now, I have hit 35 weeks today! It’s hard to believe…. With everything that has happened since I found out I was pregnant, it has flown…


I am ready to meet this new little guy and be done being pregnant 🙂 but I’m admittedly a little nervous about the whole 3 under 3 thing and the waking up during the night again. This mama needs her sleep! Just praying this little buddy sleeps more like his biggest brother Cale and a little less like his other big brother Gabe.

Anyways, in other exciting news, we’ve found a WONDERFUL midwife! She is a true blessing from God and exactly what we needed at this time. We’re having a home birth and I am now starting to get excited about this since we’ve solidified our midwife and are beginning preparations for it. I will update you with this whole process in another post soon.

Anyways, here’s my official 35 week update:

How far along: 35 weeks!

Total weight gain: At my appointment a week and a half ago, about 25 lbs. We don’t own a scale.

Maternity clothes: Yes, definitely! Although I have been wearing my regular workout clothes because I can’t seem to find any good maternity ones.

Stretch marks: Yes, from my first pregnancy with Cale, but no new ones thankfully!

Sleep: Surprisingly, not sleeping very well at all compared to my first two pregnancies. I’ve never suffered from insomnia, but now, when I wake up to use the bathroom or hear one of the boys moving around, I can’t get back to sleep. Mamas, if you have any advice, help!

Best moment of this week: It was paper grading week so it was very stressful, but I’d say getting everything done quicker than planned and having this morning to just rest with my family! And we’re making Christmas cookies tonight!

Miss anything: Going to a cardio dance class (I’ve had to cut this out due to a significant amount of intense contractions following it), but I still walk and use weights. And I miss my energy, but I know it’ll be back soon!

Movement: Yes, a ton!

Food cravings: Oddly enough, sugar the past few days, which could be due to the stress of grading for the end of the semester. But I haven’t been eating as much lately.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!

Have you started to show yet: Haha oh yes! Of course!

Gender: Boy!!

Labor signs: Yes, lots of contractions (some Braxton Hicks and some that are more intense) and they are regular at times (1 night they were 6-7 minutes apart for 1.5 hours). Also, this baby is definitely lower than my first two were at this point.

Belly button in or out: Way out! But it’s my 3rd in 2.5 years so I’m not surprised.

Wedding rings on or off: Still on thankfully.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy, except when I’m tired, and then my poor hubby… 😉

Looking forward to: Christmas cookie decorating with the boys, another Christmas party, church and a children’s Christmas show on Sunday, and finishing final Christmas preparations and home birth preparations.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend friends!