Home is Where the Heart Is…

Corny title, true statement.

We just bought our first home on May 27th, a definite fixer upper, it was a short sale, in which at least 8 college kids lived in at some points. We’re talking hundreds of holes in the walls, beer stained carpets, and nastiness everywhere, including a fridge that took me 2.5 hours (an entire nap time) to clean and a freezer that required defrosting just to get to the leftover frozen-over food. 

To put it this way, our neighbors came over and thanked us for buying it. And, though we went through one of the most stressful points of our lives for the first month and a half after closing on it as we attempted to replace the floors, clean, paint, and find many other shocking repairs that were needed, we are proud to say we are happy with our new home and the peaceful neighborhood we live in. It really is home and our heart has found a new joy in caring for it and for the little people within its walls who love to run around dumping yogurt on the kitchen floor, clogging the toilets with toilet paper, and throwing little cars all over the place… 

Oh wait, that was only during this morning’s escapades 😉

Although I’ve taken quite a long break, I’m truly hoping to be back to blogging on a regular basis and updating you on our lives in Bozeman! We’re loving our life group that meets on Sunday evenings and the near future events and community projects we will do as Bedrock Church! They’re family to us! Enjoy the pics of our house (oh yeah and maybe one of the little rabbit that we were given: Mrs. Josephine Cottontail) and happy Friday!


IMG_1501 IMG_1504 IMG_1544 IMG_1613 IMG_1792 IMG_1814 IMG_1829 IMG_1831 IMG_1834 IMG_1835 IMG_1836 IMG_1867 IMG_1868 IMG_1871 IMG_1875 IMG_1925 IMG_2025 IMG_2323 IMG_2324 IMG_2334 IMG_2341 IMG_2343 IMG_2528 IMG_2529 IMG_2530