Graco Nimble Nook Review

Yes, I’m back! Wanted to share with you a new product that we found for baby #4 and are super excited about! Baby #4 you say? Yes, we’re expecting our next little love bug late October/early November so I am getting ready to begin the third trimester now! It’s been a whirlwind the past few months, but we’re getting excited and geared up for our 4th little addition.

Ok, without further ado, we were in need of a new pack n play after our mat literally broke in several places. We did use it pretty much every day for 4 years straight so I’d say that was pretty good! Anyway, I did quite a bit of research and determined that the Graco Nimble Nook was the perfect choice for us! Our third little man has now been using it every day for his naps so I’ve been able to test it out quite a bit in the past few months.


Here are my favorite features of it:

1. It’s more narrow than your average pack n play and can fit through all regular doorways. This was a huge selling point for me as I was so tired of collapsing our regular Graco pack n play every time we wanted to move it to a different room in the house. Another positive about it being narrow is that it can more easily fit in a hotel room or a smaller cabin or tent when going on trips. This is definitely my favorite aspect of this!

2. It folds up to be smaller than the average pack n play. When carrying it in the travel case, it is much smaller and takes up less space in our vehicle.

3. I love that it is sturdier than some of the other slimmer and lightweight travel cribs that are new on the market such as the Lotus or Baby Bjorn. I have heard that those other travel cribs are more likely to tip over from a heavier child’s weight. Our now 18 month old uses this Nimble Nook and has never had any issues with it so far.

4. The price point. At only $79.99 on Amazon currently here, you really can’t beat the price. It is far cheaper than the other slimline travel cribs out there and it surpasses them in my opinion.

5. Although I haven’t used the bassinet portion yet, I love that it is a feature of it. I can’t wait to put our newest little one in it.

6. My hubby loves it! This should probably be the biggest selling point for me because if he ain’t happy with a product, we’ll all hear about it 😉 But, in all honesty, it is a big deal that the dads love it as well as they may end up doing much of the folding and unfolding and loading in the car for trips, etc.

This is a great product and one I highly suggest!

Until next time friends!

Mrs. Project Freedom