28 Week Pregnancy Update!


I’m planning another home birth for this little one and, according to the ultrasound, he’s a boy! Yes, this means I will be living in a house with 6 boys, including our brand new puppy Roi! The biggest changes that have happened with this pregnancy have been related to my health. We’re not sure exactly what is going on, but I have been struggling to keep up and have suffered from many different physical issues that usually come with preeclampsia, but without the high blood pressure at this point. Due to all of this and some blood tests, my midwife has put me on moderate bed rest, which really just means to do less than I was doing and rest more, but this is a STRUGGLE for this active extrovert. I also have to eat 100+ grams of protein a day to help combat this. Anyways, on to the facts about this week of pregnancy! Let me know if you have any questions!

Random Facts:

  • Total Weight Gain:  21lbs at last midwife appointment
  • Cravings/Aversions:  Southwestern style food (fresh tacos, burritos, taco salads, etc.), chocolate ice cream, and Japanese food. I used to be a lover of homemade popcorn with the hubby at night, but can’t deal with it this pregnancy. I think it’s the salt and butter combined.
  • Sleep:  Decently. Struggling with lower back pain and strange dreams, but otherwise, good!
  • Best Part of Week 28:  Being taken care of by our church family. Due to being on moderate bed rest, I’ve had a harder time going and doing my normal responsibilities and so many people have stepped up to help!
  • What I’m Most Looking Forward To:  Getting through the next term of teaching with my job (8 weeks long) and having baby Levi here!
  • Baby Predictions:  My hopeful prediction is an October 26th or 27th birthday, weighing in at 8lbs 10ounces.  I think he will have dark hair and blue eyes.
  • Baby Registry:  I debated on doing this for our fourth pregnancy, but I wanted to keep track of some of the things that I wanted for this little man since we’ve used the same things for 3 boys so far and they were mostly hand-me-downs to begin with.  I made one on Amazon and I’m thinking about making one on Target to save some with the registry discount.
  • Exercise: As the woman who ran and did 100+ jumping jacks at 41 weeks with baby #3, it’s been a real struggle for me to have to limit this due to resting more per my midwife’s recommendations. Prior to my health going downhill a bit, I did Total Barre classes at our gym and lifted weights and used the bike. Now, I mostly just am as active as needed to take care of the kids and use free weights some when I feel ok.
  • Nutrition: LOTS of protein! My midwife recommended 100+ grams a day so I’ve been doing pretty well with that. To do this, I eat eggs, plain Greek yogurt, trail mix, string cheese, meats, beans, etc. and I incorporate my veggies and fruits as well. I eat every 2 hours or so to stay on top of it.
  • Signs of Stretch Marks: No new marks with this baby that I’ve noticed so far.
  • Maternity Clothes: Yes, I am definitely in maternity clothes, but try to only wear what I feel best in this time. I actually gave a good friend several of my maternity clothes because of the overabundance that I had for the summer season.
  • Baby Movement: He’s definitely picked up his movement this week and I am so grateful! He hasn’t been as active as my other 3 so far.
  • Belly Button In or Out? Out
  • Wedding Rings On or Off? On

Thank you for reading! I plan to try to update frequently in the last few months before the little one is here!


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