29 Week Pregnancy Update


I promise this blog will not be only about updates, but as I sat down to write another post, I realized I just hit 29 weeks so I should quickly update this as well. Found out some more information regarding my health this week. I was diagnosed with both hypothyroidism and SIBO disease in February, before I found out I was pregnant and went on a natural thyroid medication and special diet then. I found out last week that my levels were worse than they were before I went on medication so my dose has been doubled. Praying this helps with some of the pain and physical issues I’ve been dealing with. My midwife says she’s proud of me with all I’ve had to overcome. So here’s my facts for this week!

Random Facts:

  • Total Weight Gain:  26 lbs at last midwife appointment, but some of this is related to  my thyroid not being within the appropriate range.
  • Cravings/Aversions:  Still southwestern style food (fresh tacos, burritos, taco salads, etc.), chocolate ice cream, and Japanese food. And I’ve also been craving fruit even more this week! Certain types of plain chicken has not been appealing to me unless it’s mixed in a dish.
  • Sleep:  Been dealing with some cramping the past few days and still some crazy dreams, but pretty well all things considered!
  • Best Part of Week 29:  Finding out results of my thyroid tests so that I can hopefully start feeling a little better and getting a nutritional IV. This helped a ton with energy for a few days!
  • What I’m Most Looking Forward To:  Completing the nursery. Some great friends from church gifted us with a new crib and other friends have been blessing us with some new clothes and blankets and such!
  • Baby Predictions:  I’m predicting an October 27th birthday, but I’m really hoping for one a little earlier. I’ll finish the term for my teaching job when I hit 39 weeks so anytime after that would be perfect! I believe he’ll be weighing in at 8lbs 10ounces.  I think he will have dark hair and blue eyes. And my prayer is for a similar labor to Judah’s. My hope is 2-3 hours 🙂
  • Baby Registry: As I said last week, I debated on doing this for our fourth pregnancy, but I wanted to keep track of some of the things that I wanted for this little man since we’ve used the same things for 3 boys so far and they were mostly hand-me-downs to begin with.  I made one on Amazon and I’m thinking about making one on Target to save some with the registry discount. We’ve already been really blessed by people giving us wonderful gifts for this newest one!
  • Exercise: Well, like I said last week, I’ve had to put my normal exercise plan on the back burner due to being on moderate bed rest. I’m borrowing free weights that I use some times and I just got an exercise ball off of Amazon that I’ve been sitting on to be more comfortable and then just what I do to take care of my 3 kiddos!
  • Nutrition: Same as last week: LOTS of protein! My midwife recommended 100+ grams a day so I’ve been doing pretty well with that. To do this, I eat eggs, plain Greek yogurt, trail mix, string cheese, meats, beans, etc. and I incorporate my veggies and fruits as well. I eat every 2 hours or so to stay on top of it.
  • Signs of Stretch Marks: Just noticed new stretch marks on my belly this past week! I haven’t noticed them anywhere else yet, but I have 11 weeks till the due date!
  • Maternity Clothes: Definitely! However, I still like to wear long tank tops with kimonos or cardigans, etc. and some pants and leggings that aren’t maternity when possible. Maternity dresses are comfortable with the August heat, but I feel they make me look larger.
  • Baby Movement: I’m feeling a ton of movement now! And everywhere! My other 3 tended to lay one way so I’d always feel feet in the same place and a bottom and back in the same place, but while this baby is head down, I feel movement on all different sides.
  • Belly Button In or Out? Out
  • Wedding Rings On or Off? On

11 weeks till the due date! Would love your prayers that, with my health issues, baby stays inside until term, but doesn’t go too far past my due date as I’m in my sister’s wedding in Florida just a few weeks after. Thanks!


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