30 Week Pregnancy Update


It’s been a crazy week here in our house, but really, what else is new? We’re prepping for a new teaching year for me, trying to prep all of our kids ministry stuff for our church for the next few months to get through this new little one joining our family, and trying to finish off the last little bit of fun summer activities on top of my health issues and bad days, like the one I had yesterday.

And now we’re getting all the smoke from the fires all over the Northwest so the air quality today is considered unhealthy. You wanna know what a house with very active boys looks like when you have to stay in all day?

Bikes in the house

Oh yes, I’m THAT mom that allows bikes in the house when they can’t get outside to burn off the energy.

Anyways, on to my facts for this week!

Random Facts:

  • Total Weight Gain:  Haven’t been to a new appt since 28 weeks and we don’t own a scale so probably just a little over the 26 lbs that it was at my last midwife appointment.
  • Cravings/Aversions:  Well, I dreamed about chocolate ice cream last night so I’d say that one is still there. And still southwestern style food (fresh tacos, burritos, taco salads, etc.) and Japanese food. And fruit and fruit strips! And lemonade. Still not too keen on plain chicken or popcorn.
  • Sleep:  Been dealing with headaches from all this smoke so this has interrupted my sleep some, but other than that, much better than I was!
  • Best Part of Week 30: Taking it slower, but still checking off quite a few things before my work year starts back. And spending summer days with the boys!
  • What I’m Most Looking Forward To:  Spending time with friends for a cookout and we’re gearing up for our trip to a pastors conference without the kiddos thanks to some great friends who are watching them for us!
  • Baby Predictions: Same as I said last week: I’m predicting an October 27th birthday, but I’m really hoping for one a little earlier. I’ll finish the term for my teaching job when I hit 39 weeks so anytime after that would be perfect! I believe he’ll be weighing in at 8lbs 10ounces.  I think he will have dark hair and blue eyes. And my prayer is for a similar labor to Judah’s. My hope is 2-3 hours 🙂
  • Exercise: Well, like I said before, I’ve had to put my normal exercise plan on the back burner due to being on moderate bed rest. I’m borrowing free weights that I use some times and I just got an exercise ball off of Amazon that I’ve been sitting on to be more comfortable and then just what I do to take care of my 3 kiddos!
  • Nutrition: Same as last week: LOTS of protein! My midwife recommended 100+ grams a day so I’ve been doing pretty well with that. To do this, I eat eggs, plain Greek yogurt, protein bars, trail mix, string cheese, meats, beans, etc. and I incorporate my veggies and fruits as well. I eat every few hours or so to stay on top of it. And I drink my red raspberry leaf tea.
  • Signs of Stretch Marks:  Yep, definitely have some stretch marks on the front part of my belly now.
  • Maternity Clothes: Of course! I need to find some more leggings to take me into the fall though.
  • Baby Movement: I’m feeling a ton of movement now! And everywhere! My other 3 tended to lay one way so I’d always feel feet in the same place and a bottom and back in the same place, but while this baby is head down, I feel movement on all different sides.
  • Belly Button In or Out? Out
  • Wedding Rings On or Off? On, but for the first time since Cale, I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep it on the whole time due to the swelling I’m experiencing this time.

Less than 10 weeks till the due date! Please keep praying with me that we stay healthy until term!

~Mrs. Project Freedom


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