Did the 3DayPottyTraining.com Method Work for Us?

Well… as those of you that I am friends with on Facebook know (based on my picture that I posted last night concerning Cale being trained) and we’re probably expecting, I was going to write a completely different post this morning, but now I’m so grateful I waited to write. As we’re now on the 4th day of our second trial run of the 3 Day Potty Training Method, here is the premise of the method (though I can’t go into great detail as she asks that you purchase her program and take advantage of her mentoring program) and my final thoughts:

First of all, potty training is hard work….DUH ARIEL…

I mean, why wouldn’t it be? Every other type of training that we participate in is. Whether we’re running a 5k, 10k, marathon, competing in the Olympics, being a professional athlete, pursuing a career, etc. Every type of training that we do in our life requires varying degrees of hard work. It doesn’t just happen overnight.

Cale Playing During Potty Training Day 2

(Cale playing during potty training day 2)

As a mom of a boy, I have been told (for as long as I can remember) that boys are so much harder to train than girls and that it’ll take much longer. Well, I admit…

…I wasn’t buying it.

And especially not after I had two friends tell me about their experiences training their BOYS in 3 days with this potty training method. I like to follow what I know has worked for others so I followed suit and purchased this program.

Here’s the general premise:

You stay at home with your child for 3 days and are with them CONSTANTLY. This is tough with a super independent child, but he also seemed to love the extra attention. I can’t give away too much else as I don’t want to create any copyright issues.

But, I think you probably know… Based on my previous posts… that staying home for 3 days straight is some major boot camp for me!

Some of the positives about the program:

  1. Although yesterday he seemed to be fully trained (He didn’t have an accident from 9/9:30 am- 4:30/5 pm) and today he has had mostly accidents and is not doing as well, he still fully recognizes when he goes potty, even if not always beforehand. Though I didn’t believe it would, it did seem to click in some way.
  2. It is ONLY 3 days so if, in the end, it didn’t work (though she claims that it works for every child), you’veonly given up 3 days of your time.
  3. It is great that she doesn’t transition from diapers to pull-ups and then to underwear. It is much more straightforward and encourages discipline from both the parents and child.

Some of the negatives about the program:

  1. She says the perfect age is 22 months and that the range of 22-30 months is a great time to use the training; however, I tried it when Cale was 22 months and 1 week and he didn’t catch on. Now, at 23 months, he seems to have much more understanding.
  2. The mentoring program, that is highly encouraged and that you must use if you desire to request a refund, though encouraging, didn’t offer much more info than the book itself. Just encouragement for the most part, although there wassome advice.
  3. It costs money. It is about $25, but should you decide to do it, you can get a promo code by typing in 3 Day Potty Training Promo Code into Google.
  4. Your child may not be fully trained at the end of 3 days despite the guarantee.

Overall, I wouldn’t say Cale is fully trained in 3 days (although, I admit, I felt that he was yesterday when I posted a photo to Facebook about it :/ because he was doing so great!). Today, we are struggling more (mostly accidents all day while saying “Potty”), but I do like that he is on the right track.

And some great news, he stayed DRY ALL NIGHT last night!

Anyways, hope this offers some honest perspective and that you understand my feelings go both ways concerning my beliefs in this program.

Cale and Gabe sippy cups

My two boys gulping their water during one of the potty training days.

Have a great Friday and Happy Weekend! Check back for my post tomorrow!


A Day in the Life: Potty Training, Separation Anxiety, and a Hip Hop Dancing 23 Month Old

Well folks.. I had all these remarkable ideas for my post today, but when it came down to it, I just had to write about…

.. Our Real Life on April 23rd.

Because isn’t this what it’s all about anyway?

So here’s what’s up in the Tyson household today:

1. We are on day 1 of the 3 day potty training method (with Cale of course. Although, I may need a refresher course on how to take the time to go to the bathroom while chasing after my munchkins). It might be good to also train Cale that privacy is important when going to the bathroom while I’m at it 😉

Ok, back on track… He’s doing great, but I’ll admit that this is our second trial round with this. We attempted it a month ago and, while he didn’t get it in 3 days, he was doing great on days 5 and 6. Then, we had his friend come stay with us while his mommy was in the hospital having a baby and he only wanted to hang out with his buddy the whole time and not take the time to go to the bathroom. At 22 months, I figured we’d give it another shot later. So here we are… It’s currently 2pm and he’s made it into the toilet more than he hasn’t so I am thrilled! The last time we did this, I don’t think he even made it into the toilet until at least the end of the first day. He’s also VERY excited that he gets to wear “Buzz, Cars, and Superman” underwear so that’s been a real selling point. We’ll see how this continues and, if it goes well, then I may recommend the program. So, for now, we’ll say “to be continued..”

2. Gabe is officially in the separation anxiety stage.. If I didn’t pick the worst time to potty train. It’s a little hard to freak out and get excited with Cale as Gabe is crying his eyes out in the background since we had to rush to the bathroom so fast. He was especially not a fan when it interrupted his nursing session 😉 Cale really knows how to pick those perfect times!

Thankfully, he doesn’t mind me leaving him around those he knows and loves yet (i.e. at church), but I know that’ll probably happen soon. Any advice here is appreciated as I never figured this out with Cale either.

3. While we were stuck indoors potty training, we had a little dance party. For those of you who know Cale, you know that he LOVES to dance, sing, play guitar, and, overall, rock out. So yes, I think you’ll love to see his hip hop dancing skills in his latest video to the song by T.L. The only sad thing is that my camera cut off before the belly dancing began. I guess you could say, based on both Michael’s and my love for dance..

…He gets it honest.