The Classiness of a Duchess

I am not a big time follower of the events of the royal family and admit that, while I looked at a few pictures of the wedding later, I certainly was not up early in the morning to watch it. I also had no idea of a due date for the “royal baby” and have never once, until yesterday, mentioned it on any of my social media outlets. Yesterday; however, I wrote a status on Facebook that seemed to hit a chord with people so I want to discuss it in more detail here. Here’s what I wrote:

“Let me just say that I love the classiness of Kate Middleton. The fact that she wore a beautiful classy dress and wasn’t ashamed of her post baby body (and yes, to the idiots who actually think you have a flat stomach 24 hours after giving birth, you don’t), walked out of the hospital in heels, and did a press conference all with grace… Only 24 hours after having a baby! Thank you for showing the world the beauty of a woman confident after having a baby!”


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First of all, one of my favorite things about her is that, despite how she felt at the time, no one knew, and all they saw was someone happy and loving on her baby. As a former dancer, we were taught to put a smile on, be graceful, and bring the audience into the story DESPITE the incredible pain we may have been in (and I’m mostly referring to dancing en pointe- if you don’t know what that is, look it up, ouch! Especially when you have an ingrown toenail ;)) Ladies and gentlemen, classiness is fulfilling your duties with grace despite how we feel. Far too many of us have become a part of the complaining society who likes to scream “Woe is me” far too often.

Second of all, yes, I LOVE that she WALKED (was not wheeled in a wheel chair) out of the hospital after, yes, only 24 hours after birth, not 48. In America, we have made birth very much a medical/disease/illness type of issue where we go to the hospital and are treated as invalids for the entire stay from the wheel chair ride in to the wheel chair ride out, while being monitored for 48 hours. I admit, I was the mom walking down the hall with my baby the day we were leaving (24 hours after birth with my second) only to be ushered back to my room to be put in a wheel chair (I had almost made it to the elevator!). I felt so much better walking during labor and soon following. It helped me feel more like a human being and I bounced back very quickly after both boys. And the 48 hour thing, nope, I did it once and, as long as it’s my choice, I will never again! I can’t stand being woken up all throughout the day and night for 2 days straight! I just wanted to get home from the hospital so I could sleep.

Now, I’m not here to say I could do or be what Kate Middleton is, but I am saying I love how she made labor and delivery seem more like the perfectly normal and beautiful part of life that it is and that it is not THAT big of a “horrific” deal to do so.

Finally, that woman wore a beautiful dress that did not hide the belly that carried her precious baby for 9 months. She showed pregnant women, new moms, and the media that it is how it should be to have a belly (6 month size according to most statistics) when going home from the hospital. And I LOVE that she wore heels. I admit, I have never attempted that one. That is impressive and she’s on a different level and I’m sure she kicked them off as soon as they got into their car, but she did appear beautiful, classy, and well put together and displayed grace despite how I’m sure she felt.


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So, the point of this post, is to say congratulations Kate Middleton, for not only delivering a beautiful gift from God, but for sharing your classiness with the world while doing so.

Happy Thursday friends!