On Being My Little Boy’s First Love

What does it mean to be my little boys’ first love? As a mommy of two little boys, I often reflect on what this means. But it has NEVER hit me as hard as it did this past weekend… as my sweet Cale would “only” hold “mommy’s” hand as we walked along the beach and then the pier. This much loved little baby is now turning into a sweet little man who has…


…His Mother’s Heart.

I can’t even begin to explain to you the great joy I have being his mother and the fact that he clings to me and shows his love for me in so many ways. This very independent child is still dependent on his mommy for affection and to fulfill his very obvious love language: WORDS OF AFFIRMATION…

This post is about what I can do as his first love… How I can be his mommy and show him both how to love and be loved in return. I am constantly seeing articles and posts about how fathers should show daughters the way they should be loved, but…

Shouldn’t mothers do the same for their sons?

I understand that men care more about respect than love, but, for those who are married, do your husbands not also need love?

Of course they do.

They need to both give love and receive love (this is the language of people all over the world). Hence, the void that is left when this does not happen.

So, as a mommy to little boys who I want to grow into strong and protective men of God, I want to serve them as their very first love.

I teach them to both give and receive love by:

  • Speaking to them on their level and desiring to understand them with my whole heart.
  • Allowing them to hold my hand as we walk through scary situations together
  • Disciplining them with my firm, but understanding approach to their disobedience
  • Exploring the world with them while they are still under my loving protection
  • Teaching them, through my example, that they should both give and earn respect
  • Reading with them
  • Telling them “I Love You” at least 50 times a day 😉
  • Helping them learn to love/respect their bodies by forming healthy eating/exercise habits and through my example in this area
  • Teaching them to love the world around them by showing them how to use their brains and learn by using them everyday
  • Giving them a hope for their future by teaching them about Jesus’ love and showing them through my relationship with Him

What does this look like on a daily basis?

This means that I seek to talk to them, hold their hand, discipline, explore, compel them to respect adults and other children with their words and their actions, read with them, tell them I love them, give them healthy food and run and play, go out and discover the real world as well as do learning activities at home, and talk about Jesus with them…

…Both when they do ask for it and, especially, … when they don’t.

So, in the end, what does it mean to be a little boy’s first love?

It means living life together… in one beautiful harmony of experiences…