Did Baby Wise work for me?

For anyone who knows me, they know I’m a big fan of the Baby Wise method…

… in moderation.

As a work from home mom, I need my boys on a schedule so I can work when they sleep. Last night, I read Ava Neyer’s post about sleep training that went viral recently. And all I gotta say in response to that is… Baby Wise worked for me! But I also didn’t overwhelm myself with reading multiple sleep books. I followed a method that worked for the lady I nannied for before I had kids, threw in some of my own common sense, and just went with it.

A few days ago, a friend from college sent me a message on Facebook asking for some newborn advice. It made me feel so good that she came to me for advice and I LOVE helping out where I can. Needless to say, I recommended Baby Wise since she wants her baby on a schedule. I admit, it’s …. Not for everyone, but…

I think using any ideas in moderation is a great thing.

And I can’t imagine..


I have two very different boys who have very different personalities and sleeping habits as I mentioned before, but Baby Wise still offered me some SANITY without having them “cry it out.”

For those that don’t know, the main premise of Baby Wise is the Eat, Wake, Sleep cycle. When your baby wakes up for the day, you feed him or her, followed by wake time, and then sleep time. Then the cycle.. wait for it..

starts over!! 😉

It’s pretty simple and it’s about understanding that you, as a parent and adult, know what your baby needs more than your baby does and it’s about helping find your own schedule.

With each baby, I started Baby Wise around 2 weeks and the feedings were 2 hours apart at that time quickly followed by a 3 hour schedule. Here’s an example of both our 2 and 3 hour schedules:

2 Hour Schedule for the Youngest Newborns:

8:30am- Wake-up and Eat

8:30-9am- Wake time

9-10:30am-Sleep time

Then start over again! In the evenings, we kept them up for a few hours so they’d be extra tired when they went to bed.

Our 3 hour schedule looked like this:

8:30am-Wake-up and eat

8:30-9:30/10am- Wake time

9:30/10am-11:30am- Sleep time

Then, in case you were unaware, start over again 😉

When I said “in moderation” above, I mean… If your baby is clearly hungry before the cycle is completed… feed him or her and begin the cycle over. It will take some time for a “feed on demand” baby to get the hang of your schedule.

At night, the book suggests that you feed them quietly, do not turn on any lights, and immediately lay them back down so they understand nighttime is for sleeping.

We also eliminated 1 feeding at a time (never more than that) by putting the paci in when they’d wake up for that feeding. If your baby will not take a paci, then I suggest just practicing the above recommendations for night and go from there.

While Gabe didn’t get this pattern quite as quickly as Cale, he is also 9 months old and goes down for most every nap and for bed without any frustration. He understands his bed means sleep time and easily goes down.

Anyways… just thought this would be helpful for some of my first time mom friends or even 2nd and 3rd and 4th time moms, etc. since I know schedules become even more important the more kiddos you have!

Good luck and please leave your comments or questions below! I’m always here to help!