My 15 Easiest On the Go Snacks!

Alright… this post is for everyone, but, as a mom, I definitely think about this much more now than I did before I had kids. It never fails that the day I forget my snacks is the day the breakdowns happen 😉 and I’m referring to breakdowns in kids more-so than in vehicles 😛

So here is my list (this would start once past the puree baby food stage, with the exception of bananas and pureed fruit pouches):

1. Bananas ~ as I said before, I’ve got big fans over here

2. Raisins~ they come in these great snack sized boxes

3. Blueberries~ just put in a ziplock and go!

4. Grapes~ again, just put in a ziplock and go!

5. Clementines~ super easy to peel and my boys devour these things

6. Pretzels~ again, the ziplock bag

7. Pureed fruit and applesauce pouches~ Don’t let them fool you, the applesauce ones are great for adults too!

8. Crackers~ You could add peanut butter to them to make them extra tasty 🙂

9. Cheerios~ perfect for adults and kids or maybe I’m the only crazy adult who likes them (especially honey nut)

10. Protein bars (more-so for the adults although you could make them for your kids!)

11. Any dried fruit

12. Nuts

13. Apples

14. Trail Mix (homemade is best for kids- I love a combination of craisins, cheerios, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and nuts if your kids are old enough)

15.  Carrots with a small tupperware of hummus

Let me know if you have any other suggestions! And be sure to follow my blog if you like what you read 🙂

Have a great Tuesday!