Where oh where has evangelism gone?

Lately, I have been telling Michael that, with moving so far away from everything we know and loved ones so very soon, heaven has never seemed so so sweet as it does now. Heaven was always a beautiful reward at the end of a life of following Christ; a life well lived, but not as much of a reality in my current life (I had too many things to do before that).

Now, I do understand the longing for heaven while also fully living in the here and now. There are still many more things I’d love to see God do before I am taken to heaven (namely the lost ones in our lives now and the ones who will be in our future to come to Him), but my desire to be in one place with my Christian loved ones is a beautiful future, and is an even more beautiful thing with one of my very best friends Nicole accepting Jesus into her life.

With that, while listening to a sermon 2 weeks ago, I asked myself, “Where oh where has evangelism gone?”

I have been mulling over that question for the past two weeks, and I honestly don’t have an answer. When a pastor preaches on evangelism, we all give an “Amen!” either out loud or in our minds, but yet, we walk out those doors of the church and don’t think about it for another second until 7 days later while sitting in our same pew or chair acting like we are living this life we’re not.

What is evangelism in our day and time? While it’s great that you may put a verse or Christian song lyrics up on your Facebook, say you go to church, or take a stand for conservative values, this is not true evangelism. Evangelism is openly and honestly sharing The Gospel so clearly so that all who you speak to understand exactly what you believe and exactly how to begin a relationship with Christ. This means…

…actually talking with someone face to face… What?!

Yes, I said it. It means you need to be bold. It means you cannot fear for your own embarrassment as these are people’s lives and eternities we’re talking about.

I’m not sure when evangelism actually died, but let me tell you that the apostles made that their number one priority in life, despite the risk of DEATH, not just being laughed at or mocked…

REALLY think about that for a second.

Let’s make sharing THE GOSPEL with our friends and family members a priority in our lives and not an afterthought.

How can we do this?

While I don’t claim to have all the answers and am certainly guilty of making this an afterthought too, here’s what has worked for me.

First, I ask if I can share something about myself that is so important to me. I then tell them my testimony.

Second, I ask to know a little more about them and what they believe. I want to understand who they are as a person and where they are coming from. True love of another person comes from understanding them at a deeper level, rather than the shallow way many of us do.

Third, I ask questions about them. This leads to an even deeper understanding and isn’t so intimidating as I’m not forcing my beliefs upon them, but rather seeking to truly know them. And when you ask the questions, do not have any type of rude tone in your response no matter how much you may disagree. Remember, we are all created by the God and are people made in His image.

Finally, I ask if I can share why I believe what I believe. At this point, because I’ve sought to understand them, they will usually say sure. I then present the Gospel either just from the knowledge and experience I have based on my life change and the hope I have on Christ or, if I have my Bible, I will take them through a few verses about the Good News of being in a relationship with Jesus.

They can either choose to accept it or not. If not, and Depending on who I am sharing with, I may also offer some scientific evidence, a book of the Bible, or to talk about it again in the future.

Today, I leave you with this quote from a song that I heard while writing this:

“Whatever will come our way, through fire or pouring rain, we won’t be shaken..”

Happy Monday friends!