15 Ways to Get out with your Kids!

A friend posted a status on Facebook the other day about how she feels she’s in solitary confinement as a stay at home mom. I just couldn’t relate because I have to force myself to be home at least 1 day a week in order to be a “Homemaker”… Oh yes.. I said it. The word I think is ridiculous, but I have come to find is actually kind of important 😉

Now.. I write this post as I’m home again today due to Michael’s truck still being broken down. Ha!

Anyways, I keep my schedule busy and I thought to myself, if this friend of mine is feeling this way, how many other women are as well? It could be the fact that my mom always had us on the go that I got used to it…

We were homeschooled… We couldn’t afford to miss out by staying home all the time…

And let’s be honest, my mom needed it for her sanity. Just as I, and most moms, do. So, I thought I’d offer some pointers of some fun places to go and do in your town. Now, I know not all of these activities or places will be in your specific town, but they’re just some ideas of things to look into.

1. The Park (when the weather is nice)

2. Indoor playgrounds (our mall even has one as well as chick-fil-a and there are a few at community centers in my town)

3. Playgroups at friends’ houses (we have AT LEAST 1 a week)

4. The Library (Story Time)

5. Open Gyms (again, at community centers/parks)

6. A children’s museum (You can get a yearly pass at ours and I have friends that go every week)

7. The grocery store (Yes, this is an activity for us)

8. Go on walks

9. The pool in the summer

10. The zoo (ours is about an hour and a half away and we haven’t been yet, but just an idea)

11. Aquariums (Another yearly pass)

12. Bounce houses like Monkey Joes, etc.

13. Barnes and Noble (most have an adorable train table in the children’s area)

14. Walk the mall and get a treat 🙂

15. Classes (music, gymnastics, sports, etc. ~we have a lot of toddler classes in our area)

This is just the beginning. I’m sure that I have friends that could add more to this list and please do if you have more ideas! Make a comment to help others out and let me know your thoughts!

Have a great day!Image